Kristine, Owner of Milla Beyond Maternity

Wearing The Quinn in Turquoise

We are making history.

The number of American women who have breastfed their babies is the highest it has been in decades. Part of the plan for the US CDC’s Health People 2020 is to have over 60% of moms still nursing at 6months.  That’s a big jump from the 15% nursing in 1975.

In the latest 2016 CDC Breastfeeding Report Card, American moms are on their way, with nearly 52% still breastfeeding at 6months. Yet in the US, there is a big drop at 1-year, with only 30% who are still nursing.

Milla takes moms beyond maternity –  providing clothing and accessories that make life with a new baby a little easier. Our collection includes styles that are business-appropriate and functional for moms to nurse discreetly or quick access to pump.  We believe that our collections support the natural breastfeeding journey for a mom to help her reach her breastfeeding goals.

This all started when company founder Kristine realized that she needed fashion accessories that were safe around her baby, but fashion-forward enough for her to wear to her office job.  She created Milla – Beyond Maternity to focus on new moms after their babies arrive.  

When Kristine went back to work and was pumping, she saw a big drop in my milk output, because (you guessed it) stress affects supply. She knew she had to make it easier on herself to make milk. When she changed my wardrobe to nursing-friendly clothing, it made a big difference in her day.

We hope you will stay on this adventure with us, and share the Milla collections with anyone you know enjoys affordable fashions.

The current Milla Collection includes a line of functional, nursing-friendly dresses and #chewelry (chewable jewelry) for new moms or active adults to wear.  The food-grade, BPA-free silicone makes it super easy to wash and safe for your little ones to chew on.