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The love of shopping and holiday discounts

I love shopping. I grew up in the early 90’s when malls were the place to be and department stores sold more than just clothing and makeup. A trip to the mall becomes very challenging when you have children – no matter their age.
Since #LastBaby kept me up all night nursing, I find myself researching available shopping and making a plan fit for military intelligence – complete with estimated drive times.  Sites like Deal News make it easy to see which stores are open and when.
But planning a trip is always far superior than actually going on the trip. […]

Nursing the Toddler

Nursing the toddler has its challenges; or should I say, opportunities? Many studies show positive outcomes for full-term breastfeeding. Even the World Health Organization recommends that breastfeeding should be practiced until the baby is 2-4 years of age, otherwise known when they have a full set of teeth.
I know some women cannot breastfeed for a number of reasons. Fed is best, no matter how you do it.  For the new moms out there who do and can breastfeed, there is certainly still a lot of stigma.
My last baby is nearly 18-months old, and my mother will often ask me […]

The Nursing-Friendly Wardrobe is the Game-Changer

He was my first baby, and he was a nursing champ.  The problem was he wouldn’t take a bottle.  He wouldn’t take any formula.
It really stressed me out.
I was suffering from post-partum anxiety, and reaching for any way that I could make my life simpler.
I wanted to have a successful experience with breastfeeding, but that meant that I had to pump while I was at work… three times a day in an 8-hour day.  It was important to me to try giving as much as the professional me as I could, which meant I went to work an hour […]

It ain’t easy

Maybe it’s no secret, but it ain’t easy being a mom… being a working mom… being a working, nursing mom.
I planned a short trip with my aunt and her daughter (my cousin) months ago.  It seemed like a grand idea: fly to California so said cousin could attend her college orientation, and I would spend days pool side celebrating my birthday week.  I wouldn’t have any kiddos with me, but would keep my aunt company while Cousin got situated at school.  In theory, this all sounded great. It’s definitely more fun planning a trip than it is going on the trip.
I […]

My Journey with Mompreneurship 

My journey with mompreneurship began with trying to fill my own need. I wanted products and support for my breastfeeding and pumping while I worked full time. 
I couldn’t be the only mom struggling to make milk three times a day while away from my baby. Yet, I was very hard pressed to find items at a reasonable price, especially when I didn’t know how long I would breastfeed my child.
Pumping and nursing take dedication and practice. More than half of moms that start out breastfeeding end up stopping at six-months. Only about 25% of the moms that keep going […]

After Childbirth: How Your Body Changes in the 4th Trimester

After childbirth, a mom needs to heal. You might have just spend 20-hours+ in labor and pushed for a few more. Or maybe you had a surgical birth and now are managing the pain from getting out of bed. Oh right, and plus that newborn who is clinging to you for life, literally. 
When you’re a new mom, you might not know what is normal? Eveything is a new experience, and you think ‘oh this hurts because I just had a baby.’
A recent study from researchers at UNC Chapel Hill “found that new moms very often aren’t aware of possible […]