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Nursing the Toddler

Nursing the toddler has its challenges; or should I say, opportunities? Many studies show positive outcomes for full-term breastfeeding. Even the World Health Organization recommends that breastfeeding should be practiced until the baby is 2-4 years of age, otherwise known when they have a full set of teeth.
I know some women cannot breastfeed for a number of reasons. Fed is best, no matter how you do it.  For the new moms out there who do and can breastfeed, there is certainly still a lot of stigma.
My last baby is nearly 18-months old, and my mother will often ask me […]

The Nursing-Friendly Wardrobe is the Game-Changer

He was my first baby, and he was a nursing champ.  The problem was he wouldn’t take a bottle.  He wouldn’t take any formula.
It really stressed me out.
I was suffering from post-partum anxiety, and reaching for any way that I could make my life simpler.
I wanted to have a successful experience with breastfeeding, but that meant that I had to pump while I was at work… three times a day in an 8-hour day.  It was important to me to try giving as much as the professional me as I could, which meant I went to work an hour […]

It ain’t easy

Maybe it’s no secret, but it ain’t easy being a mom… being a working mom… being a working, nursing mom.
I planned a short trip with my aunt and her daughter (my cousin) months ago.  It seemed like a grand idea: fly to California so said cousin could attend her college orientation, and I would spend days pool side celebrating my birthday week.  I wouldn’t have any kiddos with me, but would keep my aunt company while Cousin got situated at school.  In theory, this all sounded great. It’s definitely more fun planning a trip than it is going on the trip.
I […]

My Journey with Mompreneurship 

My journey with mompreneurship began with trying to fill my own need. I wanted products and support for my breastfeeding and pumping while I worked full time. 
I couldn’t be the only mom struggling to make milk three times a day while away from my baby. Yet, I was very hard pressed to find items at a reasonable price, especially when I didn’t know how long I would breastfeed my child.
Pumping and nursing take dedication and practice. More than half of moms that start out breastfeeding end up stopping at six-months. Only about 25% of the moms that keep going […]

After Childbirth: How Your Body Changes in the 4th Trimester

After childbirth, a mom needs to heal. You might have just spend 20-hours+ in labor and pushed for a few more. Or maybe you had a surgical birth and now are managing the pain from getting out of bed. Oh right, and plus that newborn who is clinging to you for life, literally. 
When you’re a new mom, you might not know what is normal? Eveything is a new experience, and you think ‘oh this hurts because I just had a baby.’
A recent study from researchers at UNC Chapel Hill “found that new moms very often aren’t aware of possible […]

The Work-Pump Grind

The work-pump grind might be a big factor in why nearly 75% of nursing moms stop breastfeeding by 6months. 
USA Today reported what many nuring moms already know: transitioning back to work is hard enough, and pumping makes things even more complicated. 
Ashley May wrote “Most American moms return to work just a few weeks after giving birth, and the decision to continue breastfeeding usually means they will need to pump. Initially, they have to talk to their employer about breaking three to four times daily to go into a room, partially undress, piece pump parts together, hook up to a machine, […]