Author - Kristine @ Milla

The Work-Pump Grind

The work-pump grind might be a big factor in why nearly 75% of nursing moms stop breastfeeding by 6months. 
USA Today reported what many nuring moms already know: transitioning back to work is hard enough, and pumping makes things even more complicated. 
Ashley May wrote “Most American moms return to work just a few weeks after giving birth, and the decision to continue breastfeeding usually means they will need to pump. Initially, they have to talk to their employer about breaking three to four times daily to go into a room, partially undress, piece pump parts together, hook up to a machine, […]

The Raising of America

Something I didn’t even realize I was doing: the raising of America – although it’s what moms and dads have been doing since before 1776. We’ve been raising the future generations of the United States. 
Yet as one of the most powerful and richest countries in the world, why is it so hard to raise a family? The stress and financial burdens are stunting the development of new families across the country. Could these stressors go away if we shifted our culture, or offered better maternity and child care options?
I was offered to watch part of documentary series that explores […]

Reflections for International Women’s Day

I couldn’t strike today; I had to go to my day job. Yet, I know I’m lucky that I could do that. 
I’m a minority woman with a master degree. The mere fact that I was able to go to school and choose the work I wanted to do makes me feel fortunate, because I’m pretty sure my maternal ancestors didn’t have the same choice. 
Sure it was a different system for them: British-ruled Hong Kong in the mid-20th century.  But you could even say 10 years ago was a different time; a time BSP (before smart phones). 
Tonight I reflect on […]

Mommying is hard

I know I’ve seen courses on adulting; I’ve even taken a course on how to be a college student (called ‘ University 101’). Now as a new mom, I don’t think I studied ‘mommying’ hard enough. 
Sure you’re never really prepared for parenthood, no matter how much  you’ve attempted to learn. You just keep in your prayers that your not screwing up your kid(s). Being a modern mom is so tough, whether you work inside or outside of the home.  We want it all: marriage, family, career, a social life. 
Sometimes that’s not all attainable, and that’s okay. 
This year, I really […]

Why I Joined a Mom Group

As an only-child turned only-adult, I’ve always felt the need to belong; to find friends and peers I could connect with. I found that when I joined my beloved sorority, but when the college days were over, my dear sisters and I move far away from campus. When we started having kids, that long drive between us became an obstacle and we hardly would see each other.  
I looked for a local “mom’s group” and found many, even a La Leche League meeting that was fantastic but for SAHM (stay at home mom) which I was not. 
I stumbled upon […]

Can I buy some time?

At my day job, we started a conversation about buying and selling time. There are so many people deprived of basic like sleep and family time. Half of my team has small children, and half of the kids are under three. We all need extra time.
The time I really need is time to sleep, but that is always overruled by my kids. My night routine now includes nursing a six-month old until she is fast asleep, which can sometimes take over an hour.
Even if I could buy time, I’d extend play time with my kids. I know I wouldn’t […]